THE LYING GAME “Never Have I Ever” Review

THE LYING GAME "Never Have I Ever" Episode 8 – The secrets just keep coming on THE LYING GAME. Meanwhile, some lies seem to be unraveling. With the appearance of Travis last week, Emma has reverted inward and is isolating herself from everyone including Ethan and Thayer, both of whom genuinely seem to want to help her. I am not sure why Emma did not feel that she could trust them, especially Ethan who is there for her in the end when Travis takes things a little too far. As for what happened this episode, it is probably best if we break it down a bit by character:

Sutton – Sutton finds herself still in the juvenile detention center in Las Vegas with only one phone call. She attempts to reach Emma with no success and opts to write a letter to her parents, spilling everything and also making Emma seem kind of menacing. I wonder what will happen when the Mercers get that letter? Eventually Sutton is released and Emma’s best friend picks her up. Perhaps we will get to see some of Sutton trying to be Emma. I bet that will be harder than it was for Emma to take over Sutton’s role. Why do we think Alec bailed Sutton out? I think it was to find out what she knew, but he was not quick enough. Read More...


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