TERRA NOVA “Instinct” Review

Terra Nova "Instinct", Season 1 Episode 3 – After last week’s series premiere aired to pretty disappointing ratings, Terra Nova has a lot to prove this week with "Instinct". The second episode of a TV show says a lot about the series. Lots of people who may not have enjoyed the premiere last week will be tuning back in to give the show another shot, and it has to capitalize on that opportunity.

Thankfully, this episode starts off by doing something I was really hoping it would: Punishing Josh for his stupidity. By far the biggest problem that most people had with the premiere was how frustrating and irritating his character came off, and thankfully we see that his superiors haven’t forgotten about his lapse in judgement. I was really hoping that Josh going off and getting himself into trouble didn’t become a habit on this show, and his early reprimand here seems to affirm that this won’t be the case. Read More...



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