HOUSE “Twenty Vicodin” Review

House "Twenty Vicodin", Season 8 Episode 1 – Well, House is back everybody! For better or worse, the eighth season of this hit series is upon us. I can’t say I’m that excited after last season’s somewhat polarizing finale. I guess "polarizing" is a little too kind of a word, as most House fans I know ended up feeling that the show had jumped the shark, and that multiple counts of attempted murder was going too far, even for House. Well, we now see that House is being held accountable for one of his many illegal actions. That’s right everybody! House is in the big house! Ba-dum-PSH!

The season opens with House attending a parole hearing, where he’s told that he has five days before he’s released from prison. However, he has to get through the next five days with no other complications or altercations with his cellmates. Well, if you guessed that House has a hard time getting through these last five days without a hitch, then you’re catching on quick! Read More...


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