DEATH VALLEY “The Hottest Day of the Year” Review

DEATH VALLEY "The Hottest Day of the Year" Season 1 Episode 6 – I can usually handle any amount of gore, but certain parts of "The Hottest Day of the Year," the sixth episode of Death Valley, literally turned my stomach. From the bloated, exploding zombie to the decapitation via chainsaw, this week was all about the ick factor.

Thanks to John-John accidentally killing an innocent senior citizen the week before, IA has issued a new policy regarding zombies. Now the officers must approach zombies, inform them that there is cause to believe they might have been infected and wait sixty seconds for confirmation before taking further action. Sixty seconds. Sounds like just enough time to be bitten.

Carla and John-John are lucky enough to host the fresh-faced, totally pompous IA officer who came up with this plan on their next call-out. As they’re battling zombies in a plant nursery, the IA dude gets jumped by a zombie and left to die or change, whichever comes first. When the officers find him, he begs them to kill him. They do, but not before they mock him with his own protocols. Classy.

Meanwhile, Joe and Billy are sweltering in heat of a typical Valley day (115 degrees is not uncommon), and the only way to relieve the tension is to run over zombies. It’s gross and unnecessary to the plot, but if you enjoy that sort of thing, who am I to judge? Read More...


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