'Private Practice' fakes us out in the season premiere- clever or just sneaky?

I'll admit that "Private Practice" (along with its companion piece "Grey's Anatomy") is one of my guilty pleasures. A prime time sudser about narcissistic doctors who Care Too Much and should all be brought up on malpractice charges in every episode, the storylines frequently veer into too crazy/ridiculous/annoying to be believed territory (a crazy patient splits open Violet and steals her unborn baby! Charlotte discovers her rapist is a patient at her hospital!). But with a committed cast and characters who, when not saving the world, are busily bedding one another, it's just good, soapy fun. But last night the show tested my patience, and for once the usual soap opera tropes aren't working for me.

In the promos for the show, all signs pointed to Big Dead Pete (Tim Daly). After all, he suffered a heart attack in last season's finale, prone and alone in his house with the exception of little Lucas. I would have thought, given his parents' tendency to meet with misfortune, Lucas would have been trained to dial 911 before he learned how to use a spoon, but guess not. Anyway, in the promos we see Sam (Taye Diggs) somberly calling for time of death. Well, who else is he going to declare dead? Read More...



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