Recap: 'Fringe' - 'One Night in October'

Can you pinpoint the moment your life changed? Can you narrow it down to a single day, after which things that could have gone one way went inextricably the other? It’s something many of us think about in retrospective. Me? I think about how not traveling from Boston to New York City back in 2003 meant I probably wouldn’t have ever met the person to whom I am now married. There’s no way to predict what would have happened had I not taken the Greyhound bus that night, but it’s still fascinating to think about the road not taken all the same. "One Night in October," tonight’s often stunning episode of "Fringe," shows what happens when the road not taken intertwines with the one you’re on. And what follows is the show at its empathetic best. 

Indeed, having the forensic psychologist brought in to solve the serial killings of his version "Over There" use "empathy" as his primary tool makes sense. That’s the same tool employed by "Fringe" itself. Other sci-fi shows might have come up with this plot, only to have Over Here John McClellan join forces with his darker half once on ambered land. It’s a testament to the open heart of this show that not only did Over Here John seek to heal the nightmare version of himself, but that his attempts to do so didn’t make me wretch from soupy melodrama. Nothing about this should have worked, and yet most of it worked like gangbusters. Read More...


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