Supernatural Episode 7.02 Review: "Hello, Cruel World"

It’s hard not to feel conflicted about episode 7.02 of Supernatural.  On the one hand, I can’t help but be upset about Castiel - not necessarily that he might be gone (because I kind of resigned myself to that at this point), but because of the way that they got rid of him.  On the other hand, the episode was so solid - presenting us with new enemies, solid bonding between the brothers, and a crazy cliffhanger about Bobby’s house.

A Floating Trench Coat

But let’s start at the beginning.  It seems like a lot of these earlier season 7 episodes are meant to be told one after another, picking up shortly after the last one left off.  In this case, we opened with Castiel having been taken over by the leviathans.  But a problem quickly emerged: Cas’ vessel couldn’t contain their power and nearly exploded.  He quickly left the boys in the warehouse and made his way to the municipal lake, where he simply….walked into the water.  And left his trench coat floating gently.  Yeah, I know, we’ll get back to that shortly. Read More...


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