Fringe Review: "One Night in October"

"One Night in October. No, this week's Fringe episode title was clearly not referring to an evening from the month in which it aired. Rather, it referenced the one simple night when a life was changed.

Let's dissect it below, shall we?

Oh, the possibilities!

As we get to work (weekly it would seem) with both universes, the possibilities of nature versus nurture and choice versus circumstance provide us with endless story possibilities. Following where these differences can take us is going to be a real mind frak.

The subtleties driving the case of the professor over here and the serial killer over there (alternates) were downright shocking, really. I hate to think that anyone who has a morbid interest (raising hand) in serial killers is just a few dead pigeons and a mutilated dog away from making a move to the dark side. Read More...


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