Supernatural Episode Recap: "Hello, Cruel World"

"Hello, Cruel World" is possibly the most appropriate title for an episode since the events that occurred were pretty devastating. First, writer Ben Edlund deals with the Leviathan Cas situation; then it's more hellucination time for Sam. While the youngest Winchester is busy with his Lucifer visions, Dean and Bobby are trying to hold on for dear life.

Let's talk about the Cas situation first. I'm not a fan of the way our favorite angel went out. I had high hopes that Misha Collins would get to play -- at the very least -- the ancient big bad for an episode before Cas' ultimate fate was delivered.

Instead, Cas' vessel isn't able to house the nasty Leviathans. When I say "nasty," I mean Cas' body was oozing black goo. After the biblical sea monsters take a dip into the public water supply, they're released and it's sayonara, angel. The only thing that's left is his trench coat. This all happened within the first five minutes of the episode. Not enough time as far as I'm concerned but at least Cas redeemed himself on the way out. Here's hoping we'll see him again before this season's end. Read More...


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