My four picks after America's Got Talent Second Week Hollywood Performs

I picked my final four picks before we find out who are the winners of the round. Yet again, I think they put a lot of my favorites in one night. They like to make the decision hard for you. But I did pick.

1st is Ascendance who danced tonight to snow Patrol on a rock climb wall. It was so emotional and touching. I really loved this performance. They were so unique like nothing I've seen before. Pieces called them "poetic." I give them my first pick.

2nd is my African American woman Alice Tan Ridley with amazing voice. She's known for having a well known child. She used to perform near the trains. She is so sweet. I like her song choice tonight. I think she can go far; I give her my second pick.

3rd is Hannibal Means who is opera singer who sang Circle of Life tonight with dancers around him wearing funny animals hats. He won me over with the performance. Anyone who does Lion King and can sing it brilliantly gets my third pick.

4th is the magician Antonio Restivo who lights up fire and performance was his best. He seems like such a neat character. I'm interesting in the act if it's done well. I hope he can bring out a new trick though. I give him my fourth pick.

Yet again, I didn't like pick my four picks tonight. I liked six acts out of twelve. My next picks I would like to see again is Michael Grimm then Wreckless. Both were really good. Michael Grimm for me still needs to get control of the stage and own it like the other two sings I put in. He still has decent shot to the next round because he's the only country singer. Wreckless was such a good dance act and kept me entertained.

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