El Cazador de la Bruja Review

For me watching El Cazador de le Bruja was love at first sight. The thing about falling in love at first sight is that it's a wildly irrational and unwavering kind of love; despite what your better judgment and your friends say, you just can't help the way you feel.

Nadie is a bounty hunter; she's quick with her gun and even quicker with her tongue. Ellis is a witch with a huge bounty on her head. They partner up to head south in search of the answers to Ellis' past. Throughout the course of their adventure, the pair find themselves eating super tasty tacos, serving super tasty tacos, and even singing about super tasty tacos. Unfortunately it's not always a fun taco fiesta for the girls; the road they're on is not easily travelled when being chase by bounty hunters, a love-crazed stalker, and various other types of ne'er-do-wells.

The story is flimsy at best, but there are times when not much more than basic motivation is needed to get the job done. The relationship between Nadie and Ellis is the crux of the series. Where the duo is going doesn't really matter, since they have such life and personality that you enjoy just spending time with them. And spending time with them is basically all that you do. For all its guns, bounty hunters, and witches, action does not play a big role in Bruja. Nadie does fire her pistol quite often, but only to nudge things along, not to dazzle the audience with shootouts.

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