'Breaking Bad': The waiting is the hardest part


The way "Breaking Bad" has ratcheted up the tension in recent episodes, it was easy to wonder if the show could keep going in that vein before something snapped.The answer is yes, it can. Sunday's (Oct. 2) episode, "End Times," didn't feel quite as relentless as the past couple have. But in picking its spots to ladle on the white-knuckle moments, and again using silence better than any show on television, it had me creeping toward the edge of my seat at least half a dozen times. So with one episode left this season, just how deeply has Walter White, with help from various forces outside his immediate control, painted himself into a corner? He doesn't have enough money to take Skyler and the kids with him if he disappears. He's unable, or at least unwilling, to go to Hank or any other authority lest he reveal his own culpability. And once again, his plan...



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