Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'The Sprint of Our Life'

Sunday (October 2) night was apparently a big deal on "The Amazing Race," as the episode marked the first double-elimination in the show's history.
In honor of the occasion, you'd figure "Amazing Race" would whip out some devilish challenges to task the players mentally and physically, truly weeding out the two weakest pairings.
If you'd figure that, you'd be wrong, of course. Then again, if you're an "Amazing Race" fan, you never would have figured such a silly thing in the first place.
No, Sunday night's "Amazing Race" episode hinged on only one thing and taught only one meaningful lesson: 
Do *not* screw around with Phil Keoghan where Indonesian orphans are concerned. 

That's how Sunday's episode came down to simple literacy and cost the show the season's highest profile team. Read More...


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