'Breaking Bad' - 'End Times': An appropriate reponse?

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as I have a dollar for every time I hear about Nazi Germany... 

"I have lived under the threat of death for a year now. Because of that, I've made choices. Listen to me. I alone should suffer the consequences of those choices. No one else. And those consequences, they're coming. No more prolonging the inevitable." -Walt
Well, maybe just a little bit longer, Walt. 

"Breaking Bad" is a show about a man with a death sentence. As with most legal death sentences, though, we've had time to wait between pronouncement of sentence and execution of it - four years in the real world, around one in Walt's - as Walt has gone through various cancer treatments and cheated what seems like 17 different murder attempts. And because Bryan Cranston is so good, and because Vince Gilligan and the rest of the creative team so effective at building and sustaining tension while constantly pushing the story forward, it rarely feels like they're stalling the inevitable. Maybe the series ends with the death of Walter White, and maybe not, but I've never felt cheated that we're not at that moment quite yet, even as Gus, Tuco, the Cousins, Krazy-8, et al have all tried to do what the lung cancer couldn't on its own. (Not yet, anyway.) Read More...



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