‘Homeland,’ Season 1, Episode 1, Series Premiere: TV Recap

An unstable, clinically unwell CIA operative becomes obsessed with proving that a Marine, held captive by Al Queda for eight years and now returned as a war hero, is really a "turned" terrorist operative with plans to target the U.S. for an attack. This is the plot of the suspense-filled new series "Homeland," aka, my latest obsessive TV watching habit.

Carrie Mathison is the CIA agent, and until 10 months ago, a rising, well-respected operative. But her life has changed, and not for the better, as her obsession with tracking down Abu Nazir, a high-level Al Queda leader has led her to break protocol by infiltrating a Iraqi prison, where she’s to meet with a key contact. As she’s found out and about to be pulled away, she hears the man say (or she THINKS she hears him say) that Al Queda has "turned" an American. Carrie is whisked out of the prison immediately after that. Read More...



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