Desperate Housewives 8.02 "Making The Connection" Recap

Need a refresh of last week’s season premiere? Take a look at my recap. In this week’s episode, we have a lot of suspicion (the theme of the season, it seems) and as usual, plenty of hijinks.

"Making The Connection" begins where we left off, with Bree on the receiving end of a disturbing letter not unlike the one Mary Alice received in her mailbox 8 years ago. In a voice-over, Mary Alice explains how she came about to be the original recipient and how she later killed herself to seal the secret from her friends and family. Karen McCluskey comes by and Bree asks if she’s seen anyone by her mailbox, explaining that she received a rather odd note. "It’s just a note, Bree...let it go," says Karen. Ah, to have a secret on Wisteria Lane.

Gabrielle, worried that her romantic connection was Carlos has hit an all time low (38 days with no sex) goes to the trouble of making a romantic, over-the-top evening which doesn’t end up so well, much to Carlos’ disappointment. Meanwhile, Susan is still feeling the weight of guilt set up in last week’s premiere, and has become overly paranoid about every interaction outside those of her friends. When she gets caught for allegedly shoplifting from the grocery store, a cop that knows her comes to her rescue, prompting Susan to realize that if she can make herself get caught, it will make herself feel better about the situation. Read More...


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