Dexter Review: "Those Kinds of Things"

In numerous interviews leading up to the sixth season premiere of Dexter, "Those Kinds of Things," producers drove home the point that they wanted to give this serial killer a fresh start.

Hence, the one-year time jump and the guilt-free Dexter Morgan we meet in the opening scene, as he's clearly over any Rita or Lumen-related issues and back to his joyfully murderous days (not even needing to go through with his ritual, in this case, in order to earn satisfaction.).

It's a welcome move by the series, but establishing this essentially clean slate felt a bit clunky and expository.

It's always frustrating when there's no smooth transition between seasons. The result is a premiere that spends a majority of its time catching viewers up and tossing a lot of information at them in an uncreative way. Here, we were pretty much just told that Batista and Laguerta divorced... the latter blackmailed herself to the captain's job... Deb and Quinn are living together... Dexter bought the apartment next to him and hired Batista's sister as a nanny.... and Masuka is hiring an intern. Read More...


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