Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 38 Review:Freeza Bares His Fangs! Transcendent Power Attacks Gohan

Gohan tries to save Krillin after he is tossed into the water by Frieza. Frieza tries to get in the way but Gohan loses it and just starts pounding on him. Vegeta is surprised that Gohan has this much hidden power. He wonders if he is the closest becoming a super saiyan. After Gohan puts Frieza flat on the ground, he goes back to normal and tries to look for Krillin. Luckily Dende followed his fall and was able to find him and save him. Gohan's all calmed down but Vegeta warns him that an attack like that isn't going to keep Frieza down. Frieza gets up and tells him that even for him, that attack hurt a little. He's about to Gohan but Vegeta lays one on him but Frieza tells him wait, that after he's done with Gohan, he'll be next. The fact that his blast didn't affect Frieza, Vegeta goes into a bit of a shock. Gohan is pretty much dead and he's about to attack Vegeta next and that's when something comes along and Frieza's tail is cut off. He looks and it's Krillin to his surprise. He has no idea what happened but Krillin just continues with his Kienzans. He eggs him on to follow him. Frieza starts chasing him but it's a plan to waste time. Eventually Frieza catches up to him but Krillin does Taiyouken and blinds Frieza. He rushes over to Vegeta telling him to attack but he's too busy watching Gohan be healed by Dende. Frieza comes to and is surprised that Gohan is up as well. Gohan is about to attack Frieza when Piccolo shows up at the last second. He tells him he'll fight Frieza on his own and goes down on the ground. He tells Dende to hide so that he doesn't get affected by the debris and such. Dende complies even though he's confuses as to why he knows his name. Next will be Piccolo and Frieza's fight!

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