'Boardwalk Empire' recap: A Loyal Son of Ireland

"I keep people satisfied," said Nucky Thompson at the end of last night's Boardwalk Empire. "That's all I do." One of the big complaints that people had about the show's first season was that Thompson was an extremely passive protagonist. But to Thompson, that passivity is a virtue: He's just trying to protect the status quo, to make sure that everyone is reasonably happy, while also making extra sure that he and his friends make enough scratch to maintain the steady supply of flavorful champagne and nude dancers.

But last night, everything changed. Thompson's lawyer laid it all out for him. Thanks to a couple of Confidential Witnesses, the Law has a whole laundry list of crimes to pin on Nucky: "Voter intimidation, fraud, theft of ballot boxes, and bribery." Of course, Future President Lyndon B. Johnson was guilty of all those crimes -- check out Robert Caro's Means of Ascent for all the gory details -- but one of the best things aboutBoardwalk Empire is how deftly the show portrays organized crime as just another part of the political process. Nucky is no less guilty of those crimes than his enemies, but they happen to currently have the upper hand. Read More...



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