Pan Am Review: "We'll Always Have Paris"

"We'll Always Have Paris" was rather sedate for the second episode of a sprouting series. Character development was the name of the game and we did learn a bit more about our Pan Am crew. But was it enough to engage the viewers?

Kate and Laura, Sibling Rivalry and Mommy Issues

If it wasn't obvious in the premiere episode, it was hammered home that the Cameron sisters were driven to the skies due to what they considered a poor home life. Their life of privilege certainly must have been challenging.

The problem with that was their mom made up for all of her faults during the hour. More importantly, there wasn't anything she was doing to her girls that was out of character for the times, and her love for them was obvious.  Kate and Laura jumped to the conclusion that she was there to do harm of some sort, but she was reaching out.

She did screw it up by bringing Greg along, but in the 60s being a wife was still a highly desirable life choice. I couldn't blame her for giving it the old college try to get Laura back with her fiance. A last ditch effort to make sure her girl was doing what she really wanted and not just following in Kate's footsteps. Kate's mild jealousy of Laura was also torn asunder as she discovered her mother's passport was issued the summer she became a stewardess. She just didn't have the guts to reach out to one daughter until she was concerned for both. Read More...


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