Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 32: The Fuhrer President's Son Review

Ed and Al haven't been able to track down May Chang, and unbeknownst to them, she's actually at the train station. She runs into a certain old woman there and reveals that she's heading north, and the old woman takes note of Shao May. Scar meanwhile is heading in a different direction and escapes from his pursuers who are now reporting to Kimblee. Over at the cemetery, Mustang runs into the same old woman that saw May Chang and realizes that it's actually Lt. General Grumman in disguise. After Mustang fills him in on what's going on in Central, Grumman reveals that Raven had approached him a while back about an immortal army. Grumman had rejected the idea, and soon after, he had been transferred to the East. Mustang gets Grumman interested in getting involved again, and after seeing the drawing of Shao May that Mustang is carrying, Grumman tells Mustang of what he saw earlier.

At the library, Ed and Al are trying to do some research on Eastern Alchemy but aren't having much luck. Ed is found there by Armstrong, and Armstrong passes along a message from Mustang about how May Chang is headed north. Because of this, Armstrong also gives Ed a letter of introduction to the Major General Armstrong who guards the northern border. Ed then goes to tell Al of the news, and he finds him with a young boy who knows exactly who the brothers are. It turns out that the boy is none other than King Bradley's son Selim, and he invites them to his house with his mother. There, the brothers learn of how Selim is interested in alchemy and how he wants to help his father. Partway through the meeting, King Bradley himself shows up, and he and his wife explain that Selim was adopted. King Bradley emphasizes how he has a family and reminds Ed and Al of their own family before leaving again. Afterward, Ed and Al refocus on how their goal is in the north, and they set off in that direction by train.

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