'Terra Nova': Beautiful From Afar, Not-So-Pretty Up Close

No matter how much bad press the pilot of 'Terra Nova' received, I had to watch. When someone spends $20 million on a pilot, you watch it. But in all the negativity around the show -- the exorbitant price tag, the repeated delaying of the premiere date -- everyone seems to agree that the visual fabric of this show is top-quality. The 'Blade Runner'-esque state of ruined future Earth, the super-sized 'Stargate' portal and the CGI dinosaurs are indeed convincing, as they should be at that price.

 I actually warmed to the show on second viewing, but I was overwhelmed by the number of details included that seemed to contradict each other, or just confuse the issues. Besides the bone structure and eating habits of the local dinos, I wonder how much the writers really know about the monster they've created. Here are some things about 'Terra Nova' that just aren't sitting right.


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