WAREHOUSE 13 “Emily Lake; Stand” Review

WAREHOUSE 13 "Emily Lake; Stand" Season 3 Finale – Phew! I’m not sure where to start with the season 3 finale of WAREHOUSE 13 except. WHOA. The finale was two separate episodes, but for the purpose of this recap I’m just going to treat it as one.

To begin: safe in the Warehouse, the gang discovers (finally) that they’ve been infiltrated by "bugs" through the painting that Stukowski handed over a few episodes ago. They discover that Walter Sykes is actually the mastermind of the entire plot to bring down the Warehouse and the chase is back on!

Once Pete takes care of the bugs, we realize that Sykes is up to a lot more than what we initially thought. He’s not just after the Collodi bracelet that Jane took from him years ago; now he wantsrevenge. Jane figures that the bugs are a major security breach and clues us in that Sykes has been looking for a file called Atlas 66. Myka REALLY wants to get in on that file, but Jane forbids anyone from looking into it; it’s for Regent eyes only. Read More...



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