CASTLE “Head Case” Review

CASTLE "Head Case" Season 4 Episode 3 – In this episode the team has to track down a killer. Same old, same old, right? Not so much. Turns out they have to start their search without a body, only a whole lotta blood. It leads them to a cryonics and ultimately to a man who simply wanted to spend more time with the woman he fell madly in love with.

Because Beckett isn’t sharing that she knows about Castle’s declaration of his love for her after she was shot, this leads to a lot of longing glances between the two. Castle doesn’t know that Beckett knows, so he’s not saying anything either. But now whenever the subject of love comes up, boy you can see both their wheels turning. I wonder if Beckett will ever feel like she’s ready to tell Castle what she remembers about the shooting and I also wonder what her response is. Does she love him too? Is she not sure yet? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Read More...


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