PARENTHOOD “Clear Skies From Here On Out” Review

PARENTHOOD "Clear Skies From Here On Out" Season 3 Episode 4 – Parenthood is such a deft show that even when its storylines are meandering and pretty plotless, they’re still watchable and even enjoyable because of the charm of the cast and the calibre of the characters (I am so on an alliteration roll). But quite often it’ll crank out an episode like this which is just filled with everything that makes the show as great as it is: the character flaws impeding their development, and not in a stilted, reversal sitcom-y way, but in a proper "we, as humans, are doomed and it is often we ourselves who doom us" that is frustratingly cyclical and psychologically intriguing. It’s what makes Mad Men so great: the whiskey and the cigarettes and the clothes are lovely, and the dialogue is smart, but what’s so alluring about the show is the way that the characters doom themselves, how psychologically messed up they are and how, hard as they try, they most probably never will be able to remove themselves from the rut of their vices. Read More...


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