THE NEW GIRL “Wedding” Review

THE NEW GIRL "Wedding" Season 1 Episode 3 – It’s official: The New Girl is here to stay, posting a brilliant 4.5 in the key demo and giving FOX enough confidence to order a 24 – episode season. TheZooey Deschanel show may have charmed the socks off the executives, but how is the show doing, entertainment wise?

It’s quite clearly still in development stages. The cast has yet to gel – the roommates still have that weird overly polite ‘getting to know you’ vibe going on, even among the guys, so I’m hoping that within a few weeks they’ll settle into a routine where their banter will feel a little easier. But the show, so far, is little more than large potential. Luckily, while it gets its gears in check with regards to story kinks and auxiliary characters, the show has Zooey Deschanel and all her boundless charm to support it. Read More...


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