HAPPY ENDINGS “Baby Steps” Advance Review

The second episode of HAPPY ENDINGS is on ABC tonight at 9:30 pm ET. The episode titled "Baby Steps" centers around Lexi’s brilliant idea to start a baby clothing line at her boutique. Things go a bit awry and then spin totally out of control after the local high school girls decide to use the clothing line as their own. Yes, teenagers in onesies. Lexi and Penny can’t help put get sucked into what amounts to a popularity contest with a bunch of 15 year olds. How far will they go to appease girls almost half their age?

Also dealing with some child issues is Jane who, after admitting she was an egg donor eleven years ago, is convinced indirectly by Brad to seek her "egg baby" out to see how she is doing. If you know Jane, though, you know that she just cannot check something out. She has to get involved. She gets a bit too much involved and ends up resembling a pedophile while claiming she is just trying to protect her offspring. Read More...



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