GLEE “Asian F” Review

GLEE "Asian F" Season 3 Episode 3 – If it seems like you’ve seen all the plots contained within "Asian F" a dozen times before on Glee…just keep thinking about how awesome Mike Chang was during every single one of his scenes. And if you didn’t choke up a little when he started dancing with his mom, you may need a heart transplant.

After Mike receives an A- (an Asian F), his father blames the glee club and Tina and possibly drugs. But it turns out Mike is just understandably overwhelmed. School, football, girlfriend, dance camp, glee and now he’s trying out for Riff in West Side Story. Give him a break! The boy just wants to dance!

No, seriously. He just wants to dance and why not? He’s so good at it. I could watch his cover of "Cool" over and over again. When he tells his mother he wants to be a dancer, instead of being the Tiger Mom we all expected, she tells him to follow his dream like she never followed her own. Yet another Glee parent who’s doing it right. That makes two now. Three if you count Finn’s mom. Read More...


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