Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 37: The First Homunculu Review

Having been brought to Briggs, Winry switches out Ed's automail arm, and he takes the chance to warn her not to trust Kimblee. This causes Winry to recall how Kimblee had told her earlier that his unit was the one who recovered her parents' remains. In the process of thinking about Ishbal, Ed remembers how Hawkeye had guessed that he liked Winry, and he starts to get nervous around her. Afterward, Winry goes to look at the automail workshop, and Kimblee wants to talk work with Ed. Olivier meanwhile tells her men that she's taking sole responsibility for what happened to Raven, and Buccaneer leads a group of men into the tunnel to look for the missing team. Buccaneer's group is eventually able to find a pair of desperate survivors who babble about a shadow coming. Unbeknownst to them, a dark force does approach them, but it retreats at the last second.

At around this same time, over in Central, Hawkeye is delivering some documents to King Bradley's residence. It turns out that King Bradley is not there, but Selim is, and Hawkeye is surprised when his mother mentions that he's adopted from a distant relative of King Bradley's. Hawkeye knows that something is up because King Bradley shouldn't have any relatives, and it all comes to a head when she's confronted by Selim as she's walking off the residence grounds. Selim ends up revealing that he's Pride, the first Homunculus, and he offers to let Hawkeye join them. Since Hawkeye realizes that they just want pawns, Pride makes it look like he's going to kill her and slices her cheek, but Hawkeye points out that there's no meaning in killing a hostage. Pride thus backs off and disappears, however he warns that he'll always be watching from the shadows.

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