Supernatural Sneak Peek: Sam Meets an Old Friend in "The Girl Next Door"

The last episode of Supernatural left us with a few cliffhangers.  The first is Bobby's destroyed house and the fact that he is missing (although, don't start freaking out quite yet, Bobby fans).  Dean will have to deal with a broken leg and Sam, who seemingly recovered from his hallucinations for a short time, was struck in the head and is not only seeing Lucifer again, but is also suffering from some serious physical head injuries.

Somehow, Sam is able to recover from his injuries and takes off, without warning Dean, to investigate an old case.  When Sam was a teenager, he had been left in a small town while John and Dean went off on a hunt.  Teenage Sam (played by Colin Ford), encountered his own hunt with a demon in town and also encountered a young girl named Amy.

Flashforward to the present, where Sam will encounter the older version of Amy (played by Jewel Staite), who now has a young son and is also possessed by the same demon that Sam came across when he was younger.  Will he be able to save her?

Below is a sneak peek for the October 7 episode of Supernatural.  You can also view photos for the episode here and a trailer here.


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