'How I Met Your Mother' - 'Stinson Missile Crisis': HIMYM: Criminal Intent?

A quick review of tonight's "How I Met Your Mother" coming up just as soon as we toast to my femininity...

So Team "HIMYM" follows up the show's best episode in years with one that was... not so good.

I actually liked parts of "Stinson Missile Crisis" - or, at least, the idea of those parts. Robin narrating a story in the same maddening fashion as Future Ted - and to a listener(*) not made up of stock footage, and who can therefore object to the detours and random hints at future events(**) - seemed clever, as did the notion of Barney having a series of Bimbo Delivery Systems in need of shutting down. There's probably a good A-story there. The problem is that the show has been around so long and gotten so exaggerated that someone needs to spend some time each week scraping off the layers of schtick until the characters - even Barney - are just human enough for the comedy to work, and that wasn't quite the case here. I don't doubt that the Barney we've known all these years would have these kinds of systems in place, and a few (the robo-caller, Jack Fantastic) were close to amusing, but it all ultimately felt like too much, just as Robin turning into a complete wreck each time Barney displayed his romantic side to Nora. Read More...



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