Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' - 10 couples dance

Tonight's theme is each dancer's most memorable year ever, which is really code for pandering for the voters' sympathy and, if possible, making us cry. This may be maudlin and manipulative but it should be interesting, given that some of the stars on the show have had very, very bad years. But we'll just have to see what they pick. 

Rob and Cheryl
Rob was devastated when his father died, as he was only 15. And this segment is very sad -- until he says he was surrounded by women after that. Um, his mom remarried before Robert Kardashian died, so is Bruce Jenner just chopped liver as a stepdad? Not a nice oversight there. 
However, the dance is quite good. Rob does seem to be trying to show more of his happy-go-lucky personality, which is quite a bit more than his sister Kim ever did. Cheryl is pretty canny in giving him choreography that's challenging but never more than he can handle. 

Len thinks he put the dash in Kardashan. Bruno was reminded of "Guys and Dolls." Carrie Ann thinks he improves every week.  Read More...


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