Tegami Bachi Season 1 Episodes 1 to 6 Review

Letter Bee may be one of the last few adventure series that is genuinely about adventure-as opposed to ones that eventually turn into nonstop fighting tournaments. Sure, this is only the first few episodes, but if the introspective characters and laid-back setting are anything to go by, they're not going to be having mindless, hot-blooded brawls anytime soon. Just look at Lag Seeing, who is not only burdened with an uncool name but is small for his age (that's a twelve-year-old?) and breaks into tears at the littlest thing. And just look at his chosen path in life, which involves delivering the mail, not training to get stronger or fighting to defeat everyone. This is an anime for those of us whose inner child does not dream of conquering the world, but simply making it a better place...one delivery at a time.

If there's one thing this series does better than anything else, it's that subtle atmosphere of wonder and discovery. Amberground is revealed to us in little snippets of landscape, from deserts to coastal villages to forests to run-down old towns, slowly illuminating the details about a world that's intially introduced in broad, general strokes. The strongly hierarchical structure of Amberground (high-class people live in the light; middle-class people live in dim light; all the other losers can live in total darkness) allows us to look at the big picture, while at the same time following the characters' more personal stories. It's a world that's completely built from top to bottom, creating a unique background from which any number of stories can emerge.

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