Two and a Half Men 9.03 "Big Girls Don't Throw Food" Recap

Alan went marching home to the beach house, and Berta had to explain to Walden that once you have Alan, you can't get rid of him. He's back for good. Unfortunately for Alan, Berta had already taken over his room, and there's no way Alan was going to win that fight. He caves and agrees to share Jake's room, although Walden can't figure out why they keep calling it "Jake's room."

Walden has to occasionally say something intelligent to prove that he is really a high-tech billionaire. In this episode, he was "building a neurometric backend for a social media aggregator."

Judith drops off Jake, but Alan is hesitant to let him in because Walden doesn't know that Jake will be staying with them. Alan tells Walden that Jake just came over to say hi, but Walden has no issues with unexpected guests and he's fine with Jake staying the night. Now Jake's back too.

Alan tells Jake that sharing a bedroom will be like the time they went camping. It was a nice throwback to one of the most memorable episodes. As Jake recalls, "I was 10 and it was the worst weekend of my life." Read More...


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