House Season Premiere Review: "Twenty Vicodin"

After writing about House for the last two years, I've come to realize that there are two kinds of fans of the show: those that have watched every episode, know every story arc, and are completely obsessed... and those that have caught some episodes here and there on USA or Bravo and just enjoy watching House be who he is and are entertained by the series no matter what shape it's in.  

I fall into the first camp. And after last season's finale, I wasn't too excited to see this premiere. House has done the whole "institution" bit before - with season 6's well-received premiere, "Broken."  After a year of House attempting therapy, staying off drugs, and doing everything he possibly could to better himself, Cuddy finally noticed and the two started dating, only to be broken up midway through season 7. Read More...


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