How I Met Your Mother Review: "The Stinson Missile Crisis"

How I Met You Mother took us to DEFCON High-5 this week on "The Stinson Missile Crisis." Robin stomached watching Barney shower Nora with gifts for days on end. She sat nearby, ready to launch an attack on her unassuming coworker like Cuba in 1962 personified, but with just a hint of a Canadian accent and a killer body.

We knew from the start Robin had unleashed the fury on a woman, but she dangled the truth just out of reach while she recounted her efforts to steal Barney back. As Barney began describing his vast array of BDS's, I simply loved seeing him do so while wearing the Ducky Tie. The continuity from last week to tonight was very reassuring for some reason.

Getting back to Barney's WMS's (Weapons of Mass Seduction), I did not think he could top Arnie Linson attourney at law, but then we met Jack Fantastic. Also, did anyone else want to see The Cold Call 5000 take on Joshua from War Games in a round of Global Thermonuclear War or at least a nice game of Chess?  Read More...


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