Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 3, 2011

It's storytelling time! Dancing with the Stars' Top 10 stars express the most memorable year of their lives through dance. Who cried? And who got the first 9s of the season? Find out below!

Break out the Kleenex! You know there are gonna be some tearjerkers tonight. As Tom states, "They're all dancing from the heart." Who writes this stuff? I can't say I've ever sobbed watching Dancing with the Stars' storytelling week... but I may have cried for other reasons while watching. 

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke: foxtrot

Rob's most memorable year was 2003 when his dad, Robert Sr., died of esophageal cancer (the eighth anniversary was on Friday). He was 15 at the time and his world was "turned upside down." They're dancing to "Fly Me to the Moon" because it's one of his dad's favorites. The home videos of the clan are actually quite adorable, and the girls look, um, natural. Speaking of natural, Rob looks exactly that on the floor, which I never thought I'd say. His frame and posture are looking good, and there's a cool, old-school, suave charm about the whole thing. He gets a standing O from everyone except Kim until the camera lands on her and she obediently rises. Len says he just put the "dash" into "Kardashian." Then who puts the "dash" in D-A-S-H? Bruno says the man is getting the upper hand and invokes Guys and Dolls. Rob is clueless. Unsurprising. Carrie Ann says he "genu-winely" makes progress every week. Read More...



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