'Gossip Girl' Recap: Best of 'Beauty and the Feast'

This week on Gossip Girl Dan crashes Chuck's fight club, Blair fails to hide her pregnancy and Serena and Nate succeed in recruiting more crazy people into the Upper East Side.

If there was a theme in this episode of Gossip Girl it might be failure. Ivy/Charlie fails to resist the siren allure of Serena's shiny, shiny hair and money. Blair, in a bid to convince everyone she's not bulimic, manages to tell just about everyone that she's actually pregnant.

Nate fails to see that the attractive cougar he's willing to whore his mother out for frenzied stair sex is looking at him like an actual cougar would its prey. And Chuck? Well it turns out that Chuck is not only the worst member of Fight Club ever but also has a really lame safe word. It's disappointment all around for our favorite Upper East Side elite.



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