'House' season premiere: Doctor in the big house


We went on record as not being fans of "House's" season finale last spring. Having now seen the Season 8 premiere, we're prepared to revise that decision somewhat.This is what we said at the time, not knowing what creator David Shore and Co. had in store for House this season:Say what you will about the way the Huddy romance was handled. The character deserves better than that. Instead, when House returns from his tropical sojourn sometime in Season 8, it appears Cuddy will be gone. Which in turn means that even though he just committed a major felony and then skipped town, House wins. That's not good, for the character or the show.So it turns out that House did not win. There were, in fact, consequences, and the premiere dealt with the most obvious of them: House has been serving time for driving into Cuddy's living room and then fleeing. He didn't put up any...



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