'Hawaii Five-O' Review: 'Kame'e' (2.03)

Steve and Commander White (Terry O'Quinn) - who's put in for a transfer to Pearl Harbor - have their bonding session broken up by this development - the body is that of a SEAL named Clay Garcia. Max tells Steve that the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but White and Garcia's wife Marissa (Sarah Roemer) aren't so sure. Looking over the evidence again (after Steve needles him into doing so), Max declares that Garcia was in fact murdered, setting Steve and Five-O on the case.

While a stone-faced Lori (Lauren German) grills Marissa over the state of her marriage - and then decides to prod Danny about his failed nuptuals, as if she wasn't already unsympathetic enough at that point - Steve, White and Chin venture into the jungle, where Chin nearly walks into a tripwire and they uncover a horde of marijuana plants that belong to some angry-looking thugs. Read More...



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