The Lying Game Review: "Never Have I Ever"

Coincidentally "Never Have I Ever" happens to be the title of author Sara Shepard's follow up to The Lying Game, the book that spawned the series. It's also the title of a fabulous game showcased briefly in tonight's episode. It's the perfect kind of game to reveal a few secrets and with this crew, you never know what you're going to get.

However, I think at this point the secrets lie mostly with the adults. That scene when Ted and Kristen ran into the doctor who called her Annie and recalled a wild weekend in Santa Barbara? Oh Ted, Kristen is SO onto you. All this time we thought Alec was more devious, but is he?

Well bribing your son with $20K to get him to do what you want is pretty devious. So is telling a troubled woman that she killed one child in a fire and that the other is a schizophrenic. Sheesh, can we get more clues on this already? What about the pages missing from the album and Justin being so protective of that box? Read More....


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