'Terra Nova' Recap: Best of 'Instinct'

This week on Terra Nova, death comes from the skies as Jim founds out more about Elizabeth's former love life. Strap in for the action and remember, those aren't birds, they're reptiles.

Survival Lessons 

The episode opens up with a pair of security guys from Terra Nova getting attacked by Pterosaurs. I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say that this is foreshadowing. Back at Terra Nova, we come to learn that the Shannon family is getting more comfortable with their surroundings and each other. 

The kids are taking survival classes and learning great life lessons like building fires and eating worms. I think that the worm eating lesson would have gone over better if they would have just shown the kids Timon and Puma eating bugs in the Lion King, because those guys made it look delicious! 

Later that night we learn that Elizabeth and Jim are sleeping in the same bed again, and that means one thing. Hanky panky time. Unfortunately, those pesky winged beasts interrupt the coitus, which makes Jim blue in the ... face. The next day, Taylor takes Jim to find the missing security team thinking that Sixers have got a hold of them. Read More...



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