Terra Nova Recap: The Demonsaurs Are Cawing From Inside the House

After a second episode of dialogue that seemed to be written for (and maybe by) 12-year-olds, I’m wondering if I have Terra Nova all wrong. Maybe the writing isn’t bad — maybe it’s true. Could it be that Terra Nova is a radically subversive text, a warning of the dull, blunt, nuance-less future that’s to come? Perhaps over the next 138 years we won’t just destroy the environment, we’ll also erode nuance. All of us will speak only in exposition, declaring what we’re doing even if it’s obvious, and then declaring it again for good measure.

Because how else to explain a line like, "I think we just found out what killed those men"? That’s our Terra Nova Groaner of the Week, but it faced some stiff competition: "The Jungle out there is a treasure trove. For all we know there could be a cure for cancer waiting to be found. There’s hope for humanity yet," in case we didn’t see an herbalist story line coming; "All right, you miserable sons of bitches, come on. Come on, follow me," in case we didn’t understand how Taylor and Jim’s plot worked the first two times the script explained it; and "Josh, take good care of your sisters, okay?" in case we didn’t understand that a father didn’t want his family to get hurt. Read More...



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