The Playboy Club 1.03 "A Matter of Simple Duplicity" Review

After a second episode that prominently featured the hidden pasts of the bunnies coming into play once more, the third installment of The Playboy Club shifted its attention back to Nick Dalton and the traumatic experience he shared with Bunny Maureen. It was a much needed pivot, as Nick has thus far been an empty suit with a reputation and getting to experience his side of life seemed like it would help fill out our understanding of the show as a whole.

However, with all the political scuttling and smokescreen relationships, the thing I was most intrigued by was the (unintentionally?) allegorical commentary on the criticism the show has received thus far. Before even airing, The Playboy Club was savaged by the PTC and critics for its supposedly sexist portrayal of women and "A Matter of Simple Duplicity" seemed to make commentary on the road the show has had to travel thus far. Representing all of journalism is undercover reporter Doris, who spent her few days with the bunnies asking questions and learning the secrets that haunt the halls of The Playboy Club. Though she managed to complete and file her expose "Bloody Bunny: A Murder Tail" with her editor at the Chicago Daily News, it was ultimately retracted and thus began our descent into Playboy meta. Read More...


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