Some of my favorites on America's Got Talent from Tuesday and Wednesday

This week's America's Got Talent showed us who make it to Hollywood week for the live performance. I felt like most of my favorites were in the back up group but I also liked some acts in the favorites. But I really didn't think the first ten they put in were that special. All the memorable acts that I remember had to perform again. Did your favorite get kicked out already? Maybe you should comment and tell me some of your favorites. Some of my favorites are still here. I am happy to say that Sally Cohn, the hand whistler, will be coming to Hollywood. She's so funny! I am going to explain a few talented singing acts. I could be here forever if I list them all.

1st is my big African American woman Alice Tan Ridley with a huge amazing voice. She captured me with her personality which felt so down to earth. She comes across so nice and caring. Her voice is what made me become one of my favorites

2nd is nervous Nate Kenyon. He has improved so much with nervous and his voice. He has a better stage presents. He still has to grow more before I think he'll become a contender. But I really enjoy his voice and personality.

3th is Prince Poppycock. His name alone makes him perfect for a Vegas act. His stage presents includes dressing ridiculous and his voice is what made him my favorite. Even though he didn't do well during the last audition, he was sick. I'm not going to lose hope on him because once he is better; his voice will amaze and amuse you. He's a performer and his appearance makes me laugh.

Most of my favorites did make it to the live auditions except for a few. I like most of the choices they made. A few of them like the Sharron look like I think should never have a chance. But maybe she'll be entertaining. Because I know she doesn't have a voice. Certain great acts will do well depending on what night they get to perform on. I remember from previous seasons that a lot of my favorites were bunched on the same night so some of them got cut off to soon. I hope that's not going to happen again this year.

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