Castle 4.03 "Head Case" Review

Well, I am very happy to say that for the first in a while I actually really enjoyed the case of the week. In last night’s "Head Case", Castle and Beckett found themselves investigating a really unusual case. When they first got to the crime scene, there was a lot of blood, but the victim’s body was nowhere to be found. With a lot of twists and turns, this murder investigation took them to the world of cryogenic science that ultimately led to a very tragic end of an almost Shakespearean epic love story.

What really stood out for me in this episode was that it felt like classic Castle again. It had that seasons 1 and 2 vibe, in which there was drama, but the comedy and one liners we love so much finally made an appearance again and it was just so much fun to watch. Of course Castle, Beckett and the boys were all great, but the highlight of the episode for me was Lanie. Finally they gave Tamala Jones more screen time and gave her a chance to showcase her incredible comedic timing. I admit I am not usually a big Lanie fan – not that I don’t like her. I do. She is just so grossly underused that I still haven’t had enough time with her to become a fan – but she really was a joy to watch last night. All of my favorite scenes from "Head Case" included her. Let’s hope they will continue on this path as Tamala Jones is really talented and deserves more time and recognition than what she has been given lately. Read More...


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