Recap: 'Glee' - 'Asian F'

If ratings are any indication, then "Glee" has burned up a lot of good will with its initial audience. Ratings are still healthy, but there’s little doubt that the show’s second season wore a lot of its audience down. Those that saw last year as less of television program and more as an incoherent iTunes delivery system haven’t come back this year, even though last week’s installment "I Am Unicorn" seemed to be a flare gun designed to bring the herds back to the fold. If those that abandoned the show heard that cry and came back this week for "Asian F," they weren’t in for an episode on par with "Unicorn." Instead, they got an hour-long example of everything good and bad with the show.

You have to hand it to "Glee". After all, "Asian F" represents a Rosetta stone for the series. If you ever wanted to demonstrate the highs and lows of the show as succinctly as possible, you could do no better than show someone this episode. Last week, I postulated that perhaps the influx of new writers behind the scenes might focus the show in a positive way. But it’s hard to focus the show when it’s still in the throes of a perpetual identity crisis. "Asian F" is far from the best "Glee" episode ever, but it’s certainly the best at showing the sum total of what "Glee" is. Its highs, lows, and WTFs were on full display in this scattershot hour. In fact, let’s just call this episode what it should have been named, and break down things from there. Read More...


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