Sora no Woto Season 1 Episode 2: First Battle - A Chair Story Review

So I was sitting and watching episode 2 of Sora no Woto the other night and was thinking 'this is so weird, I swear I've seen this kind of group dynamic, this seems so familiar and for a moment I was honestly stumped. We have a somber tall girl, kindly big sisterish with classes, the anemic quiet one, the tough small one and the new happy-go-lucky one..this feels familiar, yet different. It's wasn't until the episode was half over and there was a fantasy sequence by Kanata that I realized this is just like Azumanga Daioh! or Lucky Star, the only real difference is they've put the girls in military uniforms, given them guns and a tank, and moved the setting from high school to a 5 woman battalion. At first I was a little turned off by the startling realization, but to be honest, I've warmed up to it the more I think about it and see that this has some serious potential.

As I stepped back and watched the episode as a whole, I came to realize that in this timeline of the world, humanity is painted in a sort of bleak and stark light where children who don't work are put to military use. The second episode starts where the first ends with Kanata playing her bugle while Rio cringes behind her. As the playing comes to an end Rio informs Kanata she must first masted playing with the mouthpiece alone first, and that breakfast will be served shortly. Kanata spots someone down in the courtyard, Kureha and shouts down a friendly good morning only to be met back with 'You suck!'...everyone's a critic. Before going for breakfast though, Kanata is distracted by a figure in a window, but shrugs it off and leaves for her meal.

Downstairs, Kanata is met by the others for a welcome breakfast and is introduced to the rest of the group. First is Felicia, the tall blonde with glasses and a heart of gold who is the squad captain. Next there's Noel, the white haired engineer, sleep deprived and who only seems to give one or two word answers. And finally there's Kureha, the gunner and youngest member of the squad who insists her rank as a fellow private and seniority on Kanata, but who is interrupted as Noel falls asleep face first into her meal.

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