Bleach Season 13 Episode 252 Review: Byakuya, The Truth Behind His Betrayal

As Senbonzakura explains to Ichigo and Rukia, Byakuya had returned him to normal long ago and had known all along about Kouga. He had pretended to join with Muramasa in order to find out where Kouga was sealed, and Byakuya now intends to kill Kouga for disgracing the Kuchiki family. Kouga, however, is intent on fighting with his own power and goes as far as to break Muramasa's blade in half. This causes Muramasa to lose control of his power, and all of the Menos that he had inside of himself appear. Ichigo and Rukia decide to take on those Menos since Byakuya has to fight Kouga, and thus the battle begins. Kouga is initially able to match Byakuya attack for attack, but when Byakuya starts to use Senbonzakura, Kouga makes use of his own special ability to manipulate his opponent's five senses. Fortunately, Senbonzakura is able to come to Byakuya's rescue, and Byakuya initiates bankai. Kouga now finds himself on the losing side of the battle, and Senbonzakura and Byakuya explain that it's because they fight together and that Kouga doesn't understand the essence of power. Since Kouga won't listen, Byakuya gets ready to end things with the Hakuteiken form of his bankai, and their two powers collide.

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