Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' makes a surprising elimination

Last night was the most emotional night the ballroom has ever seen! At least that's what they're saying on "Dancing with the Stars." And of course we know that they're not the least bit prone to hyperbole on this show! Anyway, tonight could also be an emotional night (though it will be hard to top the MOST EMOTIONAL NIGHT the ballroom has ever seen!), as it's a results show, and that means a couple is going home. Hopefully there will be no rending of clothing or wailing. 

But before we begin, we must be entertained. Mary J Blige performs "Real Love." It's just as good today as it was in 1992. 

After that brief interlude, it's time for dramatic music and sweaty palms. Ricki and Derek; Chaz and Lacey and J.R. and Karina are first on the block. Last night, everyone gave J.R. a big hug after his performance. J.R. and Chaz told one another they're inspirations. Karina tells him she will cherish the dance they had together for the rest of her days. Okay, maybe it was the most emotional night the ballroom has ever seen.

The first couple saved is… J.R. and Karina. Well, I should hope so. The next couple safe is… Ricki and Derek. So, the Ewok and Lacey are…safe, too? Really? Shocking! I can't say I mind, though. Chaz is a terrible dancer, but now that I think of him as an Ewok toddling around the floor (thanks, Bruno), all of his routines are kind of cute. Read More...


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